Preparing for a Skype Interview

December 22, 2017

With the recent developments in technology and in particular Skype, video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a method of quickly and efficiently narrowing down potential candidates. So we thought these tips might come in handy!

1. Don’t begin your practice with your first interview – be familiar with the technology and spend some time prior to the interview using Skype. Find a friend, colleague or family member to chat to so that you can learn how it works, increase your familiarity and iron out any glitches.

2. Be prepared  a skype interview should be treated as seriously as a face to face meeting. Just because it is being conducted by video does not mean that it is not a serious part of the recruitment process.

3. Dress appropriately – you should present yourself in exactly the same way that you would a face to face interview. Even though you may be at home, if it is appropriate to be suited and booted then that’s how you should dress. Also be prepared that you may need to retrieve some additional information that is not to hand part way through the interview……so wearing your pyjama bottoms may not be the best look!

4. Lighting – make sure your lighting is good, it may be necessary to get a lamp that can be used to improve the lighting. It should be quite obvious, but make sure that you carry out the interview in a home office or other professional setting. Don’t try to squeeze on a seat at your local coffee shop or some other distracting/noisy environment.

5. Pay Attention  remember that the interviewer can see you and will be observing your body language. It is very easy to tell if someone isn’t paying attention.

6. Getting set up – if you don’t have a Skype account, setting one up is easy, so visit All you need is a PC with a web cam and microphone. If they are not already built in then you can add them externally for little cost.

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